WHY with Ayurveda?

When / for WHAT mit Ayurveda?


WHY with Ayurveda?

For you – as a lifelong companion. To be and stay in balance. To prevent, rejuvenate and relieve symptoms.

The list below is not exhaustive:
To find and maintain your balance is a real challenge in today’s world.
Often professional guidance and insights are needed to achieve sustainable progress in overcoming old habits, activating self-healing, getting motivated and taking self-responsibility for one’s health, thus adjusting for the better.
To explore and benefit from what is really good for you in the midst of thousands of nutritional and lifestyle theories / diets / food hypes stating that they are the one and only.
– it’s a huge jungle and there is quite some misinformation and marketing in the food & lifestyle industry. E.g. looking at the various definitions of healthy diet:
What is really healthy for you? Do you know or just believe?
Ayurveda shows the way...
Ayurveda, the science of human existence, health & longevity has a long history and proofs over thousands of years, therefore also knowing the impacts a treatment can have in 10, 20, 30 years from now. Ayurveda is a holistic science in harmony with nature. Ayurveda is not a religion nor extreme, not rejecting other theories or considering them as competition; it’s non-violent and helps humanity to improve life of people and can cure people.
Ayurveda helps you to keep physically and mentally young. It can rejuvenate.
The approach is individual and integrable in a daily, modern life in Europe: Medical Ayurveda, i.e. not Wellness Ayurveda, looks at you, the individual, and does not categorize you simply per the 3 doshas types or the current symptoms. The counseling will also not put you on an Indian diet and stops you from following your work etc.
The majority of diseases start in the GI tract: An ayurvedic diet & lifestyle can prevent, alleviate and even cure disease: Health is wealth, Ayurveda shows you the way. What you do with it remains in your hands.


Tailored to you.
Real, medical, pure Ayurveda adjusts to the individual, location, season, lifestyle etc. thereby making use of the Ayurvedic toolbox.